Acupuncture study: electro acupuncture helps with stress incontinence

A study was published in the renowned journal JAMA, which shows that electroacupuncture is successful in women with stress incontinence. Electro-acupuncture treatment was able to reduce the number of episodes of involuntary urine leakage and the amount of urine.

The scientists from China compared electro acupuncture and sham acupuncture to 504 women with stress incontinence. To do this, they divided the subjects into two groups (252 women each), each receiving a total of 18 treatments over 6 weeks. The verum group was treated with electro acupuncture, the control group only at sham points, without the needles being stuck into the skin.

The points Zhongliao (BL33) and Huiyang (BL35) were needled bilaterally in the verum group and the needles were stimulated for 30 minutes with 50 Hz alternating current with an intensity of 1 to 5 mA until the De-Qi feeling (" Reaching or arriving of the chi ”).

It was found that the amount of urine collected in the master test decreased significantly by 9.9 grams in the verum group, compared to 2.6 grams under the sham electro-acupuncture.

The number of incontinence episodes also improved. In weeks 1 to 6, women in the electro-acupuncture group had an average of 1.0 episodes less than in the sham acupuncture group. The difference increased to 2.0 episodes in weeks 15 to 18 and to 2.1 episodes in weeks 27 to 30. You can find the study here. (Association of German Alternative Practitioners)

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Video: Treatment for Overactive Bladder u0026 Urge Incontinence. Dr. Ja-Hong Kim - UCLA Health (December 2021).