Mineral water in the test: plastic affects the taste of water

Mineral water in the test: plastic affects the taste of water

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Atypical taste of mineral water in plastic bottles
Mineral water is one of the favorite drinks of the Germans. Most carbonated products are bought. The Stiftung Warentest has now examined 30 of these medium mineral waters more closely. Among other things, they found that water in plastic bottles tastes atypical. Overall, only every third product was “good”.

Mineral water with medium carbonation in the test
To stay cool in the current heat, it helps to drink a lot. Mineral water is one of the most drunk drinks in Germany. It shouldn't tingle too much: "Most Germans buy mineral water with medium carbonation - also called medium," wrote the Stiftung Warentest on its website. The experts have now taken a closer look at 30 of these products and published the results in the "test" magazine (issue 07/2017).

Tap water is as good as mineral water
There have always been studies that have shown that tap water is as good as mineral water in many regions.

This was also confirmed in a test carried out by the Stiftung Warentest last year. At that time, the experts examined still mineral water.

In a current test, the experts have now devoted themselves to mineral waters with medium carbonation. Only about every third product was rated "good".

Carcinogenic chrome
Not all products were as untouched as you might think. In some cases, undesirable substances were included, and in some cases there were also errors in taste.

A total of eleven of the 30 waters tested performed well in the analysis, 18 were satisfactory and one was rated "sufficient".

The reason for the devaluation was that it contains a comparatively large amount of carcinogenic chromium (VI) at 0.5 micrograms per liter.

"Nevertheless, even if the water is taken in permanently, the health risk is rather low," says a press release.

Atypical taste from plastic bottles
Traces of sweeteners, pesticide degradation products and an anti-corrosion agent were found in five waters. However, the contents are harmless to health.

"But they call the term" natural mineral water "into question," said Ina Bockholt of the Stiftung Warentest.

The bottle material also causes problems. Many water in plastic bottles have an uncharacteristically lemony taste.

The taste comes from acetaldehyde, which is produced in the manufacture of plastic and can pass from the bottles into the water. Even the smallest amounts lead to changes in taste.

Plastic bottles have had a bad health reputation for years. The product testers rated the packaging as "poor".

The best results came from Edeka's own brands "Gut & Günstig" and "Saskia" from Lidl, as well as from Franken Brunnen and Gerolsteiner. (ad)

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