Prostate: is regular cycling harmful to health in men?

Prostate: is regular cycling harmful to health in men?

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A bike tour in summer - for many, there is hardly anything better than cycling through green forests and golden yellow fields. While it is clear to women that cycling has only positive effects, some men are afraid to climb the bike for the best part of their lives. But pedaling vigorously neither increases complaints with the prostate nor makes it impotent. At least if you follow a few, few rules.

"Cycling is one of the healthiest sports and trains almost all muscle groups," explains urologist Dr. Reinhold Schaefer from Uro-GmbH North Rhine. "If urologists recommend their patients to stop cycling for a short time, this is usually related to their upcoming blood draw to determine the PSA value, an important parameter for the early detection of prostate diseases." The PSA value in the blood increases briefly cycling and falsifies the result, because an increased value is also an indication of changes in the prostate such as enlargement or cancer. Since the interpretation of the results requires a lot of experience, such tests should also be in the hands of urologists. Those who do not dare to ride their bikes out of concern for their potency should best follow advice on equipment. “For men, soft-sprung saddles are generally recommended in the genital area.

Real leather saddles can be greased from below, placed in the oven at 50 ° C overnight and then mounted directly. This creates the ideal, individually adapted saddle, ”says Dr. Schaefer, himself a passionate cyclist. Also take breaks on longer tours so that the heat generated during cycling disappears in the pool area. Also prefer to drive in smaller gears, that reduces the pressure between genitals and saddle.

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