Healthy chocolate alternative: Dark sapote tastes like real chocolate cream

Exceptional taste: miracle fruit tastes of chocolate
There is good news for people who keep their fingers off chocolate because they fear it will make it fat: the black sapote, a fruit from Central America, tastes like chocolate pudding and has few calories. The problem: In this country, the delicious fruit is hard to come by.

Alternatives to sweets
Be it a cozy TV evening, stress at work, trouble with friends or your partner: we always have a sweet tooth. If you give in too often, you will soon notice it on your hips. After all, sweets are known as fattening foods. There are some alternatives to sweets, but they often don't taste as tasty as chocolate and Co. But there is a solution for everyone who likes to snack and take care of their figure at the same time: the black sapote, a fruit from Central America.

A fruit that tastes of chocolate pudding
The black sapote (Diospyros digyna) is a chocolate-tasting fruit that originally grew in the humid tropical lowlands of Central America (Mexico and Guatemala).

Today it is grown throughout Central and South America, in parts of Southeast Asia and Australia. Because of the taste, the fruit is sometimes referred to as "chocolate pudding fruit".

Not only the taste is convincing, but also the health benefits of the miracle fruit. The black sapote is rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and has hardly any calories.

Simply spoon out of the fruit bowl
The appearance of the sapote is reminiscent of green apples or persimmons. After picking, it usually takes three to four days to ripen.

The brown pulp resembles plum jam and can easily be spooned out of the bowl or used as a spread.

It can also be used with milk, orange juice or other fruits to make delicious desserts, cakes, ice cream and drinks. Information about this can be found in Internet videos, among other things.

In some regions alcoholic drinks are also made from fermented fruits. The leaves and bark of the tree are sometimes used as home remedies for fever or skin diseases.

Hardly available in Germany
The big disadvantage of the fruit: In this country, it is hardly available. The black sapote is sometimes only available in special fruit shops that specialize in exotic fruit.

Although people with a green thumb could also grow the tree themselves, it would not only require a lot of space and sunshine, but also a lot of patience.

Because it takes two to seven years, depending on the variety, for the trees to bear fruit, the city of Darwin (Australia) writes on its website. In the Darwin region in the north of the country, the fruit is in season all year round.

The plant thrives there and seems to "have only a few pests or diseases," it says. (ad)

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