Healthy weight loss: Green cucumber is the secret weapon for weight loss

Healthy weight loss: Green cucumber is the secret weapon for weight loss

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Salad cucumber for the slim line: Do not store in the refrigerator
The cucumber tastes particularly refreshing and is very suitable for light cuisine due to its high water content. 100 grams provide only 12 kilocalories. Since valuable ingredients such as calcium, sodium and vitamin A are predominantly in the shell, the vegetables should not be peeled after thorough washing.

Cucumbers can be prepared raw in the kitchen, but can also be steamed and braised. A classic is cucumber salad with dill and a vinaigrette. It is easier to digest if you salt it just before eating. The cucumber can also be combined with potatoes, apples, goat cheese, avocado, couscous or bulgur. The vegetables refine with their fresh aroma dips and sauces and go well with meat and fish. A pleasure is a cold cucumber peel or a Spanish gazpacho with cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onions and garlic. A cucumber and yoghurt lassi can also be prepared quickly and easily: puree the cucumber with skim milk yogurt, a little wasabi and white wine vinegar, season with salt and fill into glasses.

Salad cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) belong to the pumpkin family and are therefore closely related to pumpkin and zucchini. They are commercially available all year round and are mainly produced in greenhouses and film houses. German glassware is still available until the end of October, and outdoor vegetables are also available in summer. In addition, there are imports mainly from the Netherlands and Spain.

When shopping, you should prefer bright green specimens that feel firm at the touch of a finger and have a smooth shell with no pressure marks. Goods shrink-wrapped in foil are not unpacked, as this protects them better from moisture loss. Cucumbers are sensitive to the cold. At temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius, soft and watery spots can appear on the shell. So cucumbers don't belong in the fridge. Sliced ​​fruit can be kept in the fridge's vegetable compartment for up to two days. Do not store the vegetables next to tomatoes or apples. These release the ripening gas ethylene. Then cucumbers wilt particularly quickly and may also become bitter. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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