Prostate Cancer Treatment: Radiation or Surgery: Doctors should have a lot of experience

The diagnosis of prostate cancer is a shock for those affected. Therefore, patients should pay special attention when choosing doctors. It decides on the chances of recovery.

Active surveillance, radiation or surgery - the question of the best treatment for prostate cancer depends on factors such as age and tumor stage as well as personal preferences. No matter which therapy patients choose, they should look for a doctor who has a lot of practice in it, as the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau" writes.

Radiation therapy is "also a craft that depends on the experience of the doctor," emphasizes the medical director of the radiation therapy department at the University Hospital Ulm, Professor Thomas Wiegel. The same applies to surgeons.

Because surgeons are trained differently, the information on how often patients become impotent or incontinent varies widely. The German treatment guidelines recommend that a clinic should have at least 50 such surgeries every year, or 25 per surgeon.

Patients should therefore take a close look at the treatment numbers at the clinics. For whom prostate cancer can be actively monitored and what chances and risks of radiation or surgery are for men, the new edition of the “Apotheken Umschau” explains. (sb)

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