Midwives: Why you should wait until after Easter to conceive

Midwives: Why you should wait until after Easter to conceive

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Midwives advise if they want to have children: wait until after Easter to conceive
Easter is just around the corner. Thanks to the days off, most people have more time for their family or partner. A midwife advises couples who wish to have a child but should not use Easter to conceive. Why?

Better prevent until after Easter
In a post on Facebook, midwife Christine Niersmann warns people who wish to have a child to avoid contraception "until about after Easter". Because: "If you father a child in the next 6 weeks, there is a high probability that this child will be born in December / January." But then there could be personnel bottlenecks in obstetrics: The "Advent and Christmas time like." New Year's Eve is also staffed worse than the rest of the year. "

Care in obstetrics is not guaranteed across the board
In her contribution, Niersmann points out the "midwife shortage in Germany":

"Care in obstetrics (pregnancy / childbirth / postnatal care) is no longer guaranteed across the board," says the midwife.

"But it will definitely get worse over Christmas and New Year."

"Many freelance midwives take fewer women so that they have some time for their own families and in hospitals there are only emergency staff in the delivery room over the holidays," writes the obstetrician.

“It is better not to have your child until after Easter. For a safe pregnancy and childbirth and a well-cared-for puerperium. "

More and more delivery rooms are closing
Poor care in maternity wards has long been a problem.

Due to the increasing cost pressure of German clinics, more and more delivery rooms are closing. And in the remaining ones there is often a dangerous shortage of midwives.

One factor that plays an important role here is the lengthy dispute over liability insurance for freelance obstetricians. According to the German Midwifery Association (DHV), premiums have increased more than tenfold since 2002.

Adequate remuneration for midwifery services
In addition, according to the DHV, midwives are not paid well enough: "It is regrettable that the social esteem of certain professions does not affect their pay," said Martina Klenk, President of the DHV in a message.

“The current negotiations with the health insurance companies on the remuneration of midwives show, for example, that the work on people and with them is still viewed as unselfish. We demand the appropriate remuneration of midwifery services according to their social importance. ”(Ad)

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