Lower back pain: What really helps against lower back pain

Lower back pain: What really helps against lower back pain

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Deep back pain: What helps against back pain
More and more therapies for back problems are being prescribed in Germany. This is not particularly surprising, after all, many of us spend most of the day at our desks. But people who are usually sitting in their jobs can also counteract back pain.

We spend more and more time sitting
Over 80 percent of Germans have back pain at some point in their lives. This also has to do with the fact that many working people spend most of the day sitting. "Unfortunately, the time in which we sit has overtaken the time in which we are moving," explained the head of central physiotherapy at the Freiburg University Medical Center, Jörg Bohmann, in an older message. If there are complaints, you should not take too much care. Rather, health experts advise strengthening the back through exercise to prevent pain.

Address back pain naturally
Sitting for a long time damages our back very quickly. If you experience deep back pain, you should first look for a pain-free position.

Drugs should be avoided, because according to current studies drugs for back pain often do more harm than help.

Warmth has proven itself as a simple home remedy for back pain, for example in the form of a hot water bottle or a hot bath. Special exercises against back pain are also recommended.

Sports against back problems
According to experts, exercises such as cat humps, hackers and curls are suitable. And of course sports that strengthen the cross - for example swimming, Nordic walking or Pilates.

However, it depends on the right amount. "The dose makes the poison. If someone with back problems just walks, that's wrong. If he does this for a very long time, he will harm himself, ”explained Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan, President of the German Spine League, in an interview.

He continued: “Swimming is not always good for your back. As well as back or breaststroke swimming can have a positive effect, the dolphin puts a strain on an untrained back. Cycling is of little use, but it is not a burden either. ”

When stressed, the muscles become tense
In a current report from the dpa news agency, other experts have important information and useful tips on the subject of low back pain.

In addition to sitting, lack of exercise and being overweight, stress is one reason why so many people have lower back problems.

As the psychologist from the pain clinic of the University Medical Center Göttingen, Michael Pfingsten, explained, the muscles tighten in stressful moments. If the person concerned then goes to sport, he relieves the tension.

However, if the body is permanently exposed to this state of stress, the muscles are also constantly tense - the result may be pain.

"This pain can even become chronic and expand more and more," said Pentecost according to dpa.

Proper mattress and good shoes
Swimming, cycling, yoga: exercise makes sense in principle, but: "Do nothing that hurts properly," warned Peter Baum, medical director of the Gundelfingen joint clinic.

Combinations of endurance and muscle building training are ideal. Prof. Bernd Kladny, General Secretary of the German Society for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (DGOOC) recommends Nordic Walking: "It is a good combination of muscle training, promoting mobility and endurance." It is important that the patient does something at all.

To counteract nonspecific low back pain, you should also properly bed. The spine needs relief at night. According to the tree, "the right mattress is crucial". The body must lie on it without tension.

"Everyone has to try it out, and not just five minutes in the store." Kladny sees it similarly: "Many retailers offer to test the mattress at home," says the doctor.

Good footwear is also important. According to Baum, people who have problems with their backs for the first time could simply buy a good running shoe. "They are usually very well padded." This absorbs shock energy when walking.

Exercises for a fit back muscles
Peter Baum from the Gundelfingen Joint Clinic has some recommendations for exercises for a fit back muscles, which should be repeated ten times each: With the cat hump, you look in a quadruped position with your back straight and then slowly bend your spine until your back is completely is round. And back to the starting position.

The back of the cow also begins in the quadruped position. But instead of bending your back, you let it slowly fall into the hollow back and raise your eyes. Then back to the starting position.

At the bridge you lie on the mat with your back, put on your legs and put your arms to the side of your body. Then slowly lift your hips off the floor and roll up vertebrae for vertebrae. Hold your buttocks up for ten seconds.

To strengthen your buttocks, lie down on the mat with your stomach down and cross your arms under your forehead. Then slowly raise your straight legs and tense your buttocks. Keep it short and put it down just as slowly.

Relaxation should not be neglected either. You can kneel on the floor and put your buttocks on your heels. Then put your head on the floor, stretch your arms forward and place your hands on the floor. Breathe deeply and evenly. The position should be held for about a minute. (ad)

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