Deadly immune disease: A teacher saved her student's life by donating kidneys

Deadly immune disease: A teacher saved her student's life by donating kidneys

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Teacher donates a kidney for her five-year-old student
According to media reports, a teacher in the United States saved one of her students' lives by donating a kidney. The five-year-old, who has a rare immune disease, needed a new organ.

Selfless step by a teacher
There are reports of cases in which well-known personalities donate organs to their beloved spouse or relatives. For example, the future German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the former DGB chief Michael Sommer each donated a kidney to their wives. But many people who are not in public life are ready to take the selfless step. So does Beth Battista. The pre-school teacher from the US state of Wisconsin donated a kidney to a student and probably saved the life of the five-year-old.

Healthy people can donate a kidney
In Germany, a patient dies about every eight hours because there is no organ donor for him. In other countries, the numbers are often similar. The organ that is most often transplanted in this country is the kidney.

Healthy people with two intact kidneys can usually give one without any health restrictions and thus save lives or improve the quality of life of the recipient.

However, no intervention is completely risk-free and therefore a dash of courage is required to take this step. And much more when it comes to organ donation outside the family.

Organ donation in the United States was reported two years ago and was the case. At that time, a waitress donated a kidney to a regular guest.

And also in the USA, a teacher has donated a kidney to her student.

Life of the five-year-old student saved
According to a report by the British “BBC”, Beth Battista, a preschool teacher from the US state of Wisconsin, donated a kidney to her five-year-old student Lyla and thus probably saved her life.

The teacher said she hadn't hesitated to offer a kidney when she heard about Lyla's tedious search for a suitable donor: "I knew I just had to get tested instead of seeing her continue to suffer." At that time, the teacher knew not yet that Lyla should become her student.

She further said that she had become aware of the little girl's condition through a Facebook post from Lyla's mother.

Little girl needed 12 hours of dialysis every day
According to the BBC, Lyla was diagnosed with microscopic polyangiitis (MPA) a year ago, a rare autoimmune disease that required 12 hours of dialysis a day.

Beth Battista was considered a suitable donor for Lyla after two tests in July and August. In September, she discovered that the child should become a student of hers in preschool.

The two were recently operated on. "It was the same level of pain as a caesarean section," said the BBC teacher, "but I'm happy to say that the kidney started working right away when it was used in Lyla."

"I was discharged from the hospital 48 hours after the operation and I feel OK, although very tired."

However, her condition was not unusual: "I was told that this was normal for donors because their remaining kidneys had to grow to compensate for the missing organ."

Battista said: "I am really proud to have saved her life." (Ad)

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