“Looks like a fetus”: Affected person reports about a special find in an Aldi tomato juice

"Like a fetus" - British finds disgusting things in Aldi tomato juice
When a woman in the UK tried to mix a Bloody Mary cocktail, she found that there was something wrong with the tomato juice. According to her, she opened the package and made a disgust find. On the bottom of Aldi's product was something that looked "like a fetus".

Healthy tomatoes
Tomato juice is one of the most popular juices ever, and not just on the plane. It also has many health benefits because tomatoes are high in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, as well as various healthy phytonutrients. Among other things, they are rich in the yellow-red dyes alpha and beta carotene, which can help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Finds of mold in tomato juice
However, in the past cases had become known in which substances harmful to health were found in tomato juice. In Germany, a large recall campaign was launched last summer because of mold discoveries in organic tomato and vegetable juices.

What a woman found in her tomato juice in Great Britain is said to have been mold. The British, however, said it looked "like a fetus".

Disgusting find on the bottom of the packaging
According to a Bristol Post report, 29-year-old Jade Smith was trying to mix a Bloody Mary cocktail when she discovered that something was wrong with the tomato juice that she had bought at an Aldi grocery store in Bristol.

"I opened it and it didn't feel right, so I decided to open the package. When I shook it, it felt like there was something hard in it, ”said the young woman. On the bottom of the packaging, she found a "disgusting object" that she took out. "I just couldn't believe it."

According to the mother, the find looked "like a fetus". In the photos published in the newspaper, the object actually looks a little like a small human embryo.

Shopping voucher as compensation
Jade Smith returned the package containing the nauseating find to the store. She told the Bristol Post that she had to follow up several times until Aldi informed her that the object had been found to be mold.

As an excuse, she received a £ 10 shopping voucher. Smith spoke of "horrible customer service". It has not been confirmed whether the find actually came from the package. (ad)

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