New yoga trend: Relax with goats during “goat yoga”

New yoga trend: Relax with goats during “goat yoga”

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"Goat Yoga": goats help you relax
Hardly any other method is better suited to relieving stress than yoga. The relaxation exercises also have positive effects on the body. In recent years, new elements have been repeatedly combined with the millennia-old teaching. The latest craze is called "Goat Yoga". Goats help you relax.

Yoga promotes health
Yoga has also been a popular way of escaping everyday stress in western countries for years. Not only can you relax with it, you can also do your physical health good. This is how yoga can normalize blood pressure and relieve chronic back pain. In addition, the exercises work for mental illnesses and help with weight loss. In the meantime there are more and more variants, the "Goat Yoga" is brand new.

Always new variants
Some shapes are not very popular. Bikram yoga in sweaty heat, "naked yoga", which is practiced completely naked, or "doga" with four-legged friends are not everyone's cup of tea. ("Doga" is made up of "dog" (dog) and "yoga").

While SUP yoga, which is practiced on a floating stand-up paddle board, was recently touted as the new trend, it is now “goat yoga” that many in the USA swear by.

Yoga with goats? That sounds a bit bizarre. But for Lainey Morse, owner of the “No Regrets” farm in the US state of Oregon, this is the perfect combination. "Goats are perfect for yoga practice because they not only combine nature and animals, but also yoga and it all fits together so well," Morse told CNN.

Goats take part in yoga
She had run a farm for a long time and also had goats there. One day a yoga teacher at a birthday party said, "You should have a yoga class out here."

"I said okay, but the goats have to take part in it." The idea was born.

People do exercises and the goats run around them. Sometimes the animals lean on people or scramble up on them. “The funniest thing is seeing the faces when someone is distracted by a little goat doing yoga. It's a distraction, but a happy distraction. "

Animals are almost meditative
"Goats are a little mischievous and sometimes nibble on the yoga mat," explained the 45-year-old. But that does not bother the woman, who suffers from an autoimmune disease herself. The animals offer advantages: “You can totally relax by their side. They are very affectionate and when ruminating they are almost meditative. "

She also knows that goats cannot do miracles in yoga: "It doesn't cure disease, but it helps people cope with whatever they go through."

The meadows on which the "goat yoga" takes place are not contaminated with goat dirt. And bad smells are also not to be feared. Only billy goats smell harsh, but not the neutered petting goats on the farm.

According to her, more and more people are interested in the courses in the country. "The participants shine all over their faces." The method has now also been adopted in other locations. Some advertise with a "completely new kind of Zen".

Lainey Morse wants to have “Goat-Yoga” protected by a trademark and spread it worldwide with franchise licenses. There are also inquiries from Europe. (ad)

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