Red meat increases the risk of bowel disease in men

Red meat increases the risk of bowel disease in men

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Men shouldn't eat too much red meat
An inappropriate or unhealthy diet can lead to health problems. Researchers have now found that consuming too much red meat in men leads to so-called diverticulitis, bowel problems, pain and nausea. When men are more likely to eat chicken or fish, such problems are less common.

Scientists at world-renowned Harvard University found that men shouldn't eat too much red meat. Red meat consumption increases the likelihood of developing diverticulitis. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "BMJ Gut".

Experts examine the data of more than 46,000 men
The experts examined the data of more than 46,000 men for their study. It became clear that red meat consumers were 58 percent more likely to develop diverticulitis. In this condition, inflammation forms in protuberances of the mucous membrane (so-called diverticula).

Red meat diet is associated with higher risk of diverticulitis
The effects of eating a lot of red meat on the development of diverticulitis have not been sufficiently investigated, explains the author Andrew Chan from Harvard University. The latest results show that a red meat diet is associated with an increased risk of diverticulitis. The consumption of red meat can lead to completely different problems. For example, researchers found in a previous study that red meat is responsible for premature biological aging.

The exact causes of diverticulitis are still unclear
Diverticulitis leads to more than 200,000 hospitalizations per year in the United States alone. The trend is increasing and the exact causes of this are unknown, say the experts. For example, some of the diseases are related to smoking, obesity, and the use of certain pain relievers, which are also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Severe cases of diverticulitis require surgery
Diverticulitis is often treated through a low-fiber diet. However, severe cases of the disease may require hospitalization and surgery. This is the only way to eliminate certain complications, such as perforations in the intestinal wall.

During the study period, 764 men developed diverticulitis
The subjects examined were men aged 40 to 75 when they joined the study between 1986 and 2012. These men were asked every four years whether and how often they had eaten red meat, poultry and fish in the past year. During the study period, 764 of the men developed diverticulitis, the scientists explain.

Red meat leads to higher rates of diverticulitis
It was striking in the investigation that the men who eat the most red meat were also more likely to smoke, regularly take so-called NSAIDs and rarely eat foods with fiber, the doctors explain. Even taking these factors into account, which also influence the risk of diverticulitis, red meat could be associated with higher rates of intestinal disorder.

Unprocessed meat has an increased risk
Unprocessed meat such as beef, pork and lamb was associated with a higher risk than processed meat such as bacon or sausage, the authors say. Normally, higher cooking temperatures are used in the preparation of unprocessed meat, which may affect the composition of bacteria in the intestine or the inflammatory activity, the researchers suspect. However, the exact reason for the increased risk from these foods is still unknown. (as)

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