Sauna: The seven best tips for a correct sauna

Sauna: The seven best tips for a correct sauna

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A visit to the sauna contributes to relaxation and regeneration, especially in the cold season. With regular saunas in winter, the body's defenses are strengthened and colds can be prevented. Dr. med. Christa Lind, spa doctor at the Daffodil Bath & Daffodil Hotel Bad Aussee - Solebad & Vitalresort reveals seven expert tips on the topic of saunas:

• Before the sauna session: Showering off as preparation for the sauna session is the first sauna rule. It is not only important for hygienic reasons to take a shower beforehand, the grease film on the skin is also removed, making sweating easier.

• Furthermore, nothing should be eaten right before going to the sauna. The body needs the energy to exude. The body would be additionally burdened by additional digestive processes. A sauna session with an empty stomach should also be avoided. In the daffodil bath, guests in the sauna area do not have to do without being spoiled with small snacks.

• It is essential to take care of the necessary supply of liquid during the sauna. It is best to drink at least a large glass of water or fruit juice spritzer before going to the sauna.

• Provide the necessary relaxation. The sauna visit should be planned with sufficient time. There is plenty of variety for sweating
Saunas and steam baths with guided infusions and special events such as "brine, moon & stars". The pine sauna and the panoramic sauna with an impressive mountain view of the Dachstein Mountains are original.

• About the correct length of stay: As a guideline for a stay, eight to fifteen minutes apply. The decisive factor is the seating and lying area: the upper places are the hottest and should be used with caution for sauna beginners. Important: In order to stabilize the circulation, you should move to an upright body position towards the end of the sauna session.

• Cooling down after a sauna session is particularly important for the optimal “sauna well-being effect”. It is best to start with hands and feet first. Slow cooling, especially for beginners, prevents the circulation from accelerating too quickly. The entire body can then be cooled under a cold water jet.

• After the sauna, it's time to get some fresh air. In the narcissus hotel, protected and covered outdoor areas offer the opportunity to move in the fresh air or to relax on loungers. Lounge and relaxation rooms invite you to read and rest in front of the crackling fireplace.

A special tip for all women at the end:
At certain times, which can be seen from the infusion schedule, the daffodil bath is called "Ladies only". Then a Finnish sauna including its own shower area is reserved exclusively for female guests.

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