Normalized insulin levels: recovery time from type 1 diabetes is typical

Normalized insulin levels: recovery time from type 1 diabetes is typical

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In type 1 diabetes there are typical breaks in recovery
Around 400,000 people in Germany suffer from type 1 diabetes. Affected people have to inject insulin regularly because their body no longer produces this hormone. Treatment can temporarily improve your metabolism. However, this is not a real healing effect.

400,000 Germans suffer from type 1 diabetes
Around 400,000 people in Germany have type 1 diabetes. This type is almost always caused by an autoimmune reaction. However, their exact backgrounds are not yet known exactly. Hereditary systems obviously play a certain role, but certain environmental factors or viral infections are also suspected to promote the development of type 1 diabetes, reports the "Diabetes Guide". If those affected begin therapy, their metabolism often improves quickly. However, it is not a real healing effect.

Rapid normalization of insulin levels
Many diabetes type 1 patients normalize their insulin levels shortly after starting therapy. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to by doctors as a "break" or "honeymoon". Admittedly, insulin administration initially ensures that the metabolism normalizes and the insulin-producing cells apparently recover. But the impression is deceptive, reports the magazine "Diabetes Ratgeber" in the current issue (10/2016).

Cell destruction is unstoppable
This does not cure diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This process is unstoppable and cannot be influenced.

However, prevention may be possible in the future. German researchers reported last year that vaccination to protect against type 1 diabetes could be available in the future. Positive results have already been achieved for certain groups of people. (ad)

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