Infestation by listeria again: Bavarian butcher stops production

Infestation by listeria again: Bavarian butcher stops production

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Butchery has to stop production due to listeria
Products contaminated with so-called Listeria can lead to serious illnesses in humans and can even be fatal. In Haßfurt, production at the Bauer butcher's shop was shut down because listeria had been found in raw sausage, reports the Bavarian Radio (BR). Since the bacteria were found, the butcher's shop can only sell meat and sausages that have been purchased.

What are Listeria?
In recent years there have been repeated reports of slaughterhouses in whose products listeria have been found. The rod-shaped bacteria can cause an infectious disease in humans and animals. This so-called listeriosis is particularly difficult for young children and people with a weak immune system. Listeria can cause meningitis and blood poisoning. Antibiotic treatment is possible, but about 30 percent of these serious illnesses are fatal.

The State Office for Health and Food Safety carries out samples in the company
The production rooms of the butcher's shop Bauer have already been thoroughly cleaned by employees. The employees of the Haßberge district office then took various swab samples from the devices in the butcher's shop, reports the Bavarian radio. The samples were transported as quickly as possible by specialists to the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen. The samples should now be analyzed there.

Production stopped until samples were evaluated and showed normal results
The production of the butcher Bauer can only be resumed when the samples show that the finding is unremarkable, explained the employees of the district office in Haßberge, according to the Bavarian Radio.

These sausages are among the contaminated products
Employees of the butcher shop determined the existing infestation by listeria. The butcher immediately reported the incident to the Haßberge district office. First, all quickly matured raw sausages were taken out of sale and then destroyed. These products included, for example, the Polish raw sausage, so-called Pfefferbeißer and Mettwurst. The district office expressly warns against the consumption of these rapidly matured raw sausages, which were produced in the Bauer butcher shop.

Past outbreak of listeriosis killed eight people
This is not the first such incident. Some time ago, for example, the large butcher Sieber came under criticism because Listeria infestation was also found there. The butcher's shop in Geretsried, Upper Bavaria, had brought products infected with listeria into circulation. An extensive investigation by the recognized Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) showed that there was a connection between goods contaminated with listeria and an outbreak of listeriosis in 2012. The impact of the outbreak mainly affected southern Germany. As a result of the disease caused by the bacteria, eight people died at the time, reports the Bavarian radio.

Large butcher reported bankruptcy
At that time, the responsible authorities imposed an immediate halt to production. As a result, tons of goods had to be destroyed. The large butcher Sieber was then forced to file for bankruptcy. In the meantime, however, some of the production has resumed. (as)

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