Extreme sun: These health problems are threatened by the continued heat

Extreme sun: These health problems are threatened by the continued heat

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Fatigue, sleep disorders, dizziness: health problem from heat

We are currently experiencing one of the most beautiful summers in many years, but not everyone can be happy about it. As a recent survey has shown, the high temperatures in this country cause health problems for almost every second person. Health experts give recommendations on how to survive the summer heat unscathed.

Women in particular have problems with the heat

Fatigue, sleep disorders, dizziness: Almost every second person in this country suffers from the continuing heat wave. According to a recent DAK study, tropical temperatures cause 45 percent of Germans to experience health problems. The study, for which the Forsa Institute surveyed a total of 1,002 men and women on behalf of the health insurance company from July 27 to 29, shows that women in particular have problems with the heat.

Different health complaints

As the health insurance company reports in a message, the health complaints are very different according to the DAK survey:

75 percent of those affected suffer from fatigue, 62 percent from sleep disorders. One in three of those affected complains of dizziness and headache.

In addition, nine percent say they suffer from nausea.

According to the survey, women stated that they had problems with the heat far more often than men: 54 percent of women, but "only" about 36 percent of men are affected.

There are also regional differences: While every second person in northern Germany and the eastern federal states suffers from complaints, it is 32 percent in Bavaria.

This is how citizens deal with the high temperatures

The DAK survey also shows how people are currently dealing with the sweaty heat wave: 87 percent say they drink more.

In view of the high temperatures, health experts are currently recommending that you drink at least one additional liter of water every day.

76 percent are inside or in the shade. 41 percent adjust their diet and eat lighter food.

Every third person (36 percent) divides the work differently. The same number stated to cool down with water more often.

Health insurance with a special hotline

Due to the persistently high temperatures, DAK-Gesundheit switches on a special medical hotline on Wednesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 2: Doctors offer telephone advice from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on health problems caused by the high temperatures.

Customers of all health insurance companies can use this special service offer on the free number 0800 1111 841.

Older people and the chronically ill often suffer from severe additional health problems in hot weather, according to DAK-Gesundheit.

That is why the doctors on the special hotline, for example, give patients with high blood pressure or diabetes special recommendations on how to handle the heat properly.

Parents of young children receive medical advice as well as workers who suffer from the high temperatures in the office. It is also discussed with the callers when they should see a doctor. (ad)

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