Get fit through the heat wave with these helpful health tips

With these health tips everyone gets healthy through the heat wave

We are currently experiencing the hottest summer in decades. For senior citizens and children in particular, there are currently many recommendations on how to survive the summer heat without damage. However, all other people should also consider some health tips that help them get through the heat wave in a healthy way.

The heat is not the only problem for seniors and children

Some people are particularly troubled by the current high temperatures. Children, for example, or even seniors and cardiac patients. The latter is recommended by health experts to adjust the drug dosage if necessary - in consultation with a doctor. But there are many more health tips that - including all other people - help you get through the sweaty heat wave in a healthy way. The most important of these are summarized in a communication from the Freiburg University Hospital.

Drink a lot

The main principle is to drink a lot. As a rule, the recommendation for an adult is 1.5 to two liters per day. In high heat, it should be at least three to four liters.

The German Red Cross (DRK) recently pointed out that you should drink at least one liter more water every day because of the current heat wave.

Suitable thirst quenchers include water and fruit juice spritzers.

Lukewarm, unsweetened tea is also good for the body, because "lukewarm drinks do not burden the body's own temperature regulation like cold drinks, and contribute to cooling in the long term," explains Professor Dr. Hans-Jörg Busch, medical director of the university emergency center at the Freiburg University Hospital.

Large amounts of alcohol should be avoided. "Alcohol consumption puts additional stress on the circulatory system, since alcohol is more difficult to metabolize and can lead to circulatory problems, including collapse and loss of consciousness," says Professor Busch.

In addition, alcohol works much faster and stronger on hot days.

Don't eat too hard

Furthermore, lavish meals should be avoided during the warm period.

In the morning a bowl of muesli with some fruit, at noon a light salad and in the evening, for example, a spicy soup - the body receives all the important vitamins and nutrients and the metabolism is spared.

“In order to compensate for the loss of minerals, salt has to be added to the body. This can be achieved by adequate hydration, for example with soups or tea, but also with isotonic drinks, ”explains Professor Busch.

Better take a lukewarm shower

The expert also advises against taking a cold shower. A lukewarm shower is better because it does not cause unwanted circulatory reactions. Due to the small temperature difference, there is no increased subsequent sweating.

The legs can then be cold-cold, so the enlarged blood vessels contract in the heat and the blood circulation is stimulated.

In the office you can calmly put a cold towel on your neck or let cold water run down your arms.

Important for drivers

When driving, care should be taken that the air conditioning system is only allowed to be set six degrees Celsius lower than the outside temperature.

If the temperature difference is too large, it can lead to a circulatory collapse when you get out.

It should be avoided to sit directly in the airflow of the air conditioning system, otherwise you may get tension or a cold.

Sufficient drinks should of course not be missing in the car. If possible, the cooler morning and evening hours should be used for longer trips.

Avoid the midday heat

And even if it is difficult for some: Sport is not advisable at temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius.

"Athletes collapse again and again when the temperature is too high because the temperature regulation due to sweating is no longer effective and people drink too little," says Professor Busch.

It is important to protect the body and avoid the midday heat. Busy activities should be rescheduled to early morning or late evening. The daily workload should be reduced.

It can also make sense to find out about the daily updated ozone values, because with high ozone levels physical complaints such as respiratory complaints, headaches and asthma attacks can occur.

Especially people who are particularly sensitive to ozone should avoid physical exertion on hot days.

Don't save on creaming

Children should definitely wear light cotton clothing; according to Professor Busch, a sun hat is also required. The skin must be thoroughly applied with a sunscreen with at least sun protection factor 30.

Under no circumstances should the car be driven for too long. The little ones also need to drink a lot. It is also good if care is taken to ensure that children do not play outdoors in the midday heat (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Adults should also not forget to apply lotion well in the sun or wear light protective clothing. Light clothing is important to prevent heat build-up and to regulate the body's heat balance.

The head and neck should be covered, otherwise there is a high risk of sunstroke. The body should not get too warm when sleeping - a thin sheet is enough to allow the air to circulate.

According to the experts, it should be easy to get through the heat if you follow these tips. However, if you do not feel well, if you experience shortness of breath, dizziness or vomiting, you should immediately consult a doctor. (ad)

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