Artificially sweetened drinks reduce the risk of fatal colon cancer

Artificially sweetened drinks reduce the risk of fatal colon cancer

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Do artificially sweetened drinks protect against cancer?

Consumption of artificially sweetened beverages appears to be associated with a significantly lower risk of colon cancer recurrence and cancer death. This is the result of a recent study by the Yale Cancer Center.

The researchers found in the course of their current investigation that drinking artificially sweetened beverages appear to be associated with a lower risk of colon cancer recurrence and cancer death. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "PLOS ONE".

Are Artificially Sweetened Drinks Really Unhealthy?

Artificially sweetened drinks have a rather bad reputation. They are rumored that consumption can lead to various health risks, but these are never really documented, explains the study author Dr. Charles S. Fuchs from the Yale Cancer Center.

Artificially sweetened drinks can prevent cancer from coming back

The results of the study clearly show that cancer recurrence and cancer-related death in patients treated for advanced colon cancer are reduced by consuming artificially sweetened beverages. This is a really exciting finding, say the scientists.

Experts examined over 1,000 participants

Dr. Fuchs and his team of researchers found in their study that analyzing a total of 1,018 patients, participants who consumed one or more 12-ounce servings (approximately 340 grams) of artificially sweetened beverages per day increased the risk of cancer recurrence or cancer death by 46 percent compared to patients who did not consume such drinks. The so-called soft drinks included, for example, caffeine-containing cola, caffeine-free cola and other carbonated drinks.

Replace sugar with sweetener?

A second analysis then showed that around half of this benefit is due to the substitution of a sugar-sweetened drink by an artificially sweetened drink, the experts explain. While the association between colon cancer recurrence and death was somewhat stronger than the researchers suspected, the finding fits everything that is known about colorectal cancer risk in general, the study's authors explain.

Artificial sweetened drinks are a healthier alternative

Factors such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle and a diet that is associated with diabetes lead to an excess of the energy balance and are already known risk factors. The researchers found that using artificially sweetened beverages is not a health risk, but rather a health benefit, in terms of the recurrence and survival of colon cancer. (as)

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