Higher willingness to donate from narcissists who think of themselves as needy

Narcissists become charitable donors when they think of themselves as needy

People with a narcissistic disorder are considered to be in love, in need of validity and vain personalities who often have little feelings for others. Nevertheless, they can become charitable donors - if they think of themselves as needy. An international research duo has now found out.

Some people are significantly more generous

Some people are amazingly generous; they like to give gifts to others, invite you to dinner or donate to charities. Generous behavior is almost always associated with costs. Spending money is easier for some people than others. Behavioral experiments have shown that women are more generous than men when they can distribute money. Narcissists are not really considered to be large donors, they concentrate primarily on themselves. But the willingness to donate of people with this personality disorder can be significantly increased through an egocentric perspective, as researchers have now found out.

In love and in need of validity

In western countries, more and more people are morbidly in love themselves. Many children have also been raised by their parents as narcissists, experts have long warned.

This development is frightening for many people, after all, people with a narcissistic disorder are considered to be in love and in need of validity, who can often hardly have a feeling for their counterparts.

Giving something to others is therefore not one of the typical habits of narcissists.

However, a new study has shown that a narcissistic personality can be a charitable donor if he or she puts himself in the situation of the needy.

The study by the research duo Dr. Esther Kang (Chair for Consumer Psychology and Behavior at the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne) and Professor Dr. Arun Lakshmanan (Chair of Marketing, State University of New York at Buffalo) recently appeared in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Put yourself in the situation of the needy

As stated in a communication from the University of Cologne, the participants in the study were previously classified as potential donors with the "Narcissistic Personality Inventory" in their form of a narcissistic personality trait.

In the subsequent investigation, a fictitious call for donations was used, which showed the situation of a Syrian refugee child in Jordan.

The authors compared data from two different methods of the fundraising campaign: the first method, “introducing the recipient”, encourages you to imagine the living conditions of the needy, whereas the second method aims to put yourself in the situation of the needy and to take its place to see.

Reach narcissistic personalities as potential donors

The result was that donors with a pronounced narcissistic personality could better imagine being in need themselves and then donate higher amounts.

According to the authors, narcissistic personalities who have a strong egocentric perspective cannot do much with the first method of imagining the situation through someone else's eyes.

The feelings and needs of other people played a subordinate role for narcissists.

If, however, the donation campaign aims to ensure that the donor puts himself in the situation, the self-centered perspective is used to feel the need "on one's own body".

"The right kind of self-referenced images and texts could be an effective method for donation campaigns to reach narcissistic personalities as potential donors," said the head of the study, Dr. Esther Kang. (ad)

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