The definition of fitness

The term fitness summarizes general well-being and performance in everyday life. It is not clearly defined what exactly belongs to fitness and what does not. Fitness is therefore often used as a fashion term and interpreted differently by different people. Targeted fitness training reduces the risk of numerous common diseases, such as for a heart attack, obesity, back pain and depression. Fitness training often takes place as a mixture of endurance training, strength training and coordination training. Mental fitness also reflects people's ability to concentrate and learn.

The most common types of fitness training

The cardiovascular system is trained during endurance training. This can reduce the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease and help reduce weight. Suitable sports include cycling, running, swimming, walking and aerobics.

The targeted strength training in turn mainly serves to build muscle and compensate for one-sided movements. Classic muscle building often takes place through weight training. Training methods such as yoga or Pilates exercises try to promote flexibility and strength in equal measure. In coordination training, the interaction between the nervous system and muscles should be trained and the reflexes should be improved. Dancing, ball sports and martial arts are suitable for this. (vb)

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