Physical activity: Exercise prevents breast cancer and supports treatments

Physical activity: Exercise prevents breast cancer and supports treatments

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Exercise and sport for the prevention and therapy of breast cancer

Those who exercise regularly keep their bodies fit, prevent obesity and strengthen the immune system. But exercise and physical activity come with even more health benefits. Among other things, this can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Reduce breast cancer risk from exercise by up to 30 percent

"According to projections by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, around 65,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany every year," writes the German Cancer Aid. However, according to experts, regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 30 percent. And even if women fall ill, they should remain physically active. The training helps breast cancer patients with therapy.

Active life prevents cancer

It has long been known that an active life can prevent cancer. The risk of breast cancer can also be reduced through exercise.

"Women who exercise regularly reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by an average of 20 to 30 percent," explains Gerd Nettekoven, CEO of the German Cancer Aid Foundation in a message from the Women’s Self-Help After Cancer (FSH).

"If cancer does occur, patients who have exercised regularly before their illness are likely to have a lower risk of relapse," says the specialist.

Patients should be physically active

Physical activity and exercise also play an important role in the therapy of breast cancer.

So sport helps against the side effects of chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

"In addition, sport has a mood-lifting effect and helps against the fatigue syndrome that often occurs in cancer - a feeling of persistent tiredness, exhaustion and listlessness," explains FSH Federal President Dr. Sylvia fried chicken.

The FSH therefore offers various options for being physically active in many of the more than 300 self-help groups across Germany. In these groups there is also the opportunity to exchange ideas with other affected women. (ad)

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