Health hazards caused by blue plastic foreign bodies: the manufacturer calls back Lidl minced meat

Do not consume: Recall of Lidl minced meat due to plastic particles
The manufacturer SB-Convenience GmbH informed about a product recall of the product "Landjunker minced meat mixed, 500 g". The meat was sold in branches of the food discounter Lidl in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

Plastic particles discovered in minced meat
The manufacturer SB-Convenience GmbH from Rheda-Wiedenbrück (North Rhine-Westphalia) is currently recalling the product “Landjunker minced meat mixed, 500 g” with the usage date 17.07.17 in parts of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. According to company information, it cannot be ruled out that the affected product contains blue plastic foreign bodies. Customers should not consume the meat under any circumstances because of the risk of injury when consumed.

Goods can also be returned without a receipt
The goods affected by the recall were sold at Lidl Germany in parts of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

The discounter has taken the affected product out of sale. Anyone who has bought such meat can return it to all Lidl branches. The purchase price will be reimbursed, even without presentation of the receipt.

Please note that other products of SB-Convenience GmbH sold by Lidl Germany and mixed minced meat from other manufacturers are not affected by the recall.

Foreign bodies in food
In food production, due to errors in the manufacturing processes, contamination or foreign bodies such as aluminum or plastic residues can occur again and again.

It can become especially dangerous if the objects are glass.

Broken glass and broken glass can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat or to internal injuries. (ad)

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